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When the money stops...the violence starts!

If you are a Christian minister or you love to give to foreign missions, it is critical you read this.




Learn about the

fake pastors leading fake churches,

fake orphanages,

fake mission projects,

fake crusades in Africa.


Are you in Christian ministry?

Do you love to give to foreign missions?

Have you participated in an evangelistic crusade in Africa?

Do you know where the money you gave went AFTER you left?

Have you given money to a ministry or charity in Africa?


Christian ministers from America are being lured by fake Christian leaders in Africa and pouring time and money into fake crusades, fake building projects, and fake children's programs. Did you know that millions of dollars are being sent to fake Christian programs in Africa and the givers are completely unaware the programs are fake? Many people, especially Christian ministers are being deceived.



I have been a missionary to Africa for seven (7) years. Last year in 2022, I spent 10 months in Africa (Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania) and have been a firsthand witness of church corruption with "fake" ministry leaders and Missionary Abuse. I have known about corruption and fraud in Africa, but during this ministry trip, I was completely surrounded by corrupt leaders in church and government.


I saw firsthand the details of this corruption and how ministry leaders in America were being targeted and falling into these traps. I lived in the homes of corrupt leaders. All looked fine at the beginning as always, but I began to see the truth of the lives and character of these leaders. When I stopped giving money, I was threatened and violently assaulted.


Whistleblowers in Africa get murdered. Honest Africans see the corruption and hate it, but they live in fear and silence. I thank God for His protection, I made it out of Africa alive with a shocking story to tell. You can read my detailed story here.

Christian Ministers from all over the world fly into Africa, preach, have crusades, help with children's programs, give money then leave. The problem: They do not stay long enough to see the truth about many of these programs. These visiting ministers have no idea they have been scammed.


Christian Ministers (especially if they are white) are being "targeted" through social media and deceived by fake Christian pastors in Africa. Millions of dollars are being given to fake mission projects and it needs to stop!


These fake Christian leaders are well-versed in Bible scripture and Christian lingo, they know exactly what to say to emotionally and spiritually manipulate ministers and missionaries. These spiritual victims have no idea entire mission projects are being fabricated and staged. Entire leadership teams in churches are actors and they put on a great performance. It's all about the money.


Websites are created that contain fraudulent information; children from villages are gathered for photos to look like orphanages that do not exist. The photos are used to emotionally manipulate people into giving donations. I know this personally, for 3 years I was the president and founder of a children's program in Tanzania. When I was not there, some of the board members were lying, scamming, and manipulating potential donors behind my back. When I confronted them, they became violent with me.


The hard truth is: Most visiting ministers do not spend enough time with the people to see the truth, they fly in, preach, pour out money then leave. The fake leaders (actors) are then on a search for their next victims. Have you supported a charity in a foreign country? Have you gone to the country and seen it with your eyes to verify the integrity of its existence? If not, the chances are great you have been pouring money into the pockets of liars. Anyone can make a video, create a website, and take photos of children. They can even take photos of a nearby church service and say it's their own church.


Poverty is so severe in Africa it makes people desperate.

Desperate people do desperate things...even kill to survive. 

Warning...When the money stops the violence starts.

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"We beseech you, brethren, to know them which labor among you..."
1 Thess 5:12
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