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~ Karibu na Shalom ~

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Become a Ministry Partner
Help Share the Love of Jesus with the People of Africa

The beauty of partnering with our ministry...


  • We can accomplish more together, than we can on our own.

  • We can reach into places, you physically cannot go.

  • Help spread God's glory into the nations of the earth.

  • The blessings of the Lord come to us when we give.

  • Help families that struggle with poverty.

  • Help build worship altars in foreign nations.

  • Be Jesus' hands extended into diverse and dark places.

  • Give needed encouragement to the missionaries.

  • Fulfill God's commands to place others needs before ourselves.

  • Help leaders in Africa come back to the teachings of Jesus

  • Encourage and help a missionary survive in a foreign country.

  • Share the love of Jesus with the world.

Become a Ministry Partner Today!

"Kwa wale aliowajua tangu mwanzo, pia aliwachagua mapema

kufanana na mfano wa Mwanawe. "

Warumi 8:29

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